• Clubs at WMS

    Participation in clubs is open to all students.  Tops for clubs change throughout the school year.  Information regarding specific clubs is announced in the daily morning announcements and information may be sent home occasionally.  Club day is held in the beginning of the school year and gives students the opportunity to see all the different clubs in the inner-court during the lunch period.  Students may sign up for clubs on Club Day or throughout the year.

    Current Clubs on Campus at WMS:

    All Sports Club -  Adviser - Coach Money
    AVID Club  - Adviser - Ms. Reyes 
    Journalism/Yearbook Club - Adviser - Mrs. Napper
    Washington D.C. Club - Advisers - Mr. Baron 
    Bodacious Broncos Theater Club/Troupe - Adviser - Ms. Petranek
    Be Yourself Club - Adviser - Mrs. Rubin and Ms. Devilla
    Comic Book Club - Adviser - Ms. Bole
    Kindess Club - Adviser Ms. Hertsch
    Science and Technology Club - Adviser -