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  • 2019-2020


    Make a phone appointment with a WMS counselor:

    Appointment request form 2020-2021

    Formulario de solicitud de cita 2020-2021


    When would a student make an appointment to see a counselor?

    Students are able to come into the counseling office on their own before school, during lunch, and after school. Students may fill out a “Request to See My Counselor” form, and their counselor will meet with them as soon as possible.

    A student would make an appointment to see a counselor if they are experiencing any of the following issues:

    1.) Academic concerns (grades, requests for support programs/classes, preparation for the future)

    2.) Behavior concerns (citizenship, bullying, harassment)

    3.) Emotional support (feelings, family life, self-esteem)

    4.) Social issues (relationships with others)

    5.) Special programs (e.g. GATE, AVID, Migrant)


    Our Grading Calendar

    Students receive 4 official grades total per school year. 1st and 2nd quarter grades average out to determine 1st semester grades, and 3rd and 4th quarter grades average out to determine 2nd semester grades. Semester grades remain on the student's permanent file. 

    Students also receive 4 progress report grades, which are available mid-way through each quarter. 

    Each student will receive an academic grade (A, B, C, D, or F) and a citizenship grade (O, S, or U) for each class.

     Quarter Dates 2019-2020





    Community Resource Guide

    Homework Request Policy (Poliza de Pedir Tarea)

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    Promotion Eligibility Requirements

    WMS Grading Calendar 2019-2020

    WMS Weekly Progress Report

    WMS Weekly Progress Report (español)