Athletic Eligibility


      • Students must meet eligibility requirements in order to participate in extra-curricular activities. Eligibility will include academic and citizenship standards. If you are not eligible, you will not be able to play until grades are issued after the end of the next quarter/semester grading period. Students ineligible at the end of the previous school year will remain ineligible for the first quarter of the current school year unless the student attends Summer school and makes up the grades that are keeping the GPA under 2.0. The following list represents the eligibility requirements to participate in a sports team at Salinas High School:
      • Academic- students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and no more than 1 “F”
      • Citizenship- students may have a maximum of 1 "Unsatisfactory" to be eligible
    • Every student at Salinas High School can be granted ONE (1) eligibility contract in their four years of high school.  In order to qualify for an eligibility contract, a student must not have more then 1 "F" grade or 1 "Unsatisfactory" in citizenship.  If a student exceeds this number in either area, a contract is not allowed.
    • Each student must register on Athletic Clearance and fill out information on medical insurance. If any student does not have proof of insurance, supplemental insurance is available to purchase through a private company. Information is available at the school site. To sign up online please visit Myers-Stevens Medical Insurance.



    There are 10 steps that must be followed in order to get cleared for athletics.  We are here to help as much as we can but the athlete MUST do his/her part and follow the ten steps.  Reading carefully below will make this process super easy for you.

    1.  First and foremost, the most important part of getting cleared is to rely on the Salinas High School Athletic Website.  If you do not use this website and follow the instructions, you will be lost and not be able to start your sport on time.  We will help you, but if you use this website, it will answer 99.9% of your questions.

    2.  Earn a 2.0 Grade Point Average for your last report card.  You may not have more than one “F” and/or more than one “Unsatisfactory” citizenship grade, and you must pass at least four classes. If you are an 8th grader or new to Salinas High School, you will need to upload a copy of your 2nd semester report card (that is the final report card you will receive from your previous school).  Use the “Additional Upload Form” link for the report card upload.  Fall athletes, please remember that if you received a poor grade in a class, you must take that class over again in order for the grade to be replaced.  If you failed a math class and took a different class in Summer School, the “F” in Math and the grade from the other class will be part of your GPA that determines eligibility for sports.

    3.  You must have a sports physical in order to participate.  It is imperative that you work on scheduling your physical as soon as possible so you are not left out of the start of your season.  At this time, physicals can be scheduled at The Joint Chiropractic in Harden Ranch Plaza (831-534-3773) ($25.00 fee).  You can also schedule your physical with your doctor, you can schedule a sports physical with Action Physical Therapy on East Romie Lane (831-758-5338) ($25 fee), or you can go to a place like Pinnacle or Doctors on Duty and get a physical. You can also schedule a free physical at MLK Family Resource Center and Alisal Family Resource Center or attend a free physical done by SVMH every Tuesday between 2:30-6 at Alvarez High School. You can download a physical form:  SHS Physical Form or use the form the doctor provides.  The physical form MUST have a doctor’s signature, the date of the physical, and a doctor's stamp with his/her address and practice. You must have a physical within the last 12 months in order to participate in sports. ALSO, IF YOUR PHYSICAL EXPIRES DURING YOUR SEASON OF SPORT, THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT WILL NOT PROCESS YOUR CLEARANCE UNTIL A NEW PHYSICAL HAS BEEN DONE.  WE ARE SORRY ABOUT THIS, BUT TOO MANY ATHLETES LET THEIR PHYSICALS EXPIRE LAST YEAR AND IT CREATED A HUGE BURDEON ON THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT.  After your physical is completed, upload your physical on your Athletic Clearance account under the “Physical Form” upload (there are plenty of upload links in case you need more room).

    4.  Create an account and fill out all paperwork on  Follow the step by step instructions provided: Step by step directions for the new Athletic Clearance process or Spanish step by step directions for new Athletic Clearance processThere is also a video that explains the new and updated Athletic Clearance process in a detailed, easy way:  New Athletic Clearance InstructionsThe Athletic Clearance website for the 2022-23 school year will not be available until June 1, 2022.  

    5.  Pay athletic fees associated with the athletic program.  The Finance Office will not start taking fees until you pick up your academic schedule at the end of July.  You can contact our Finance Clerk, Mrs. Gonzales at to find out the hours of the Finance office during the schedule distribution period.  It is the responsibility of the student/athlete to provide proof to the athletic office that fees have been paid.

    6.  Complete the mandatory Extracurricular Contract Meeting online with a parent. Simply email Coach Hunsdorfer after June 13, 2022 at and he will send you the link and instructions on how to complete the requirements for the meeting.  YOU ONLY NEED THE EXTRACURRICULAR CONTRACT MEETING IF YOU ARE NEW TO SALINAS HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS.  This meeting needs to be completed once during your time at Salinas High School.

    7.  Provide medical insurance or purchase school insurance through Myers/Stevens.  You will need to upload a picture of your medical insurance card on the Athletic Clearance website in the uploads section.

    8.  Complete a Concussion Impact test which is now done online.  You will need to contact Coach Hunsdorfer at after June 13, 2022 asking him to send you the link for the test.  All incoming Juniors and Freshmen must take the IMPACT test.  If you are new to athletics at Salinas High School, you will also need to take the IMPACT Test.

    9.  Upload your confirmation page to your Athletic Clearance account in the uploads section.  The confirmation page is the last page of the athletic clearance packet.  The one with the signatures.  Print it off, sign it, have your parents sign it, take a picture of it, and upload it.

    10. After you have completed the Athletic Clearance packet, you will not be officially cleared until we check your grades and you have paid your fees. Please do not email Coach Hunsdorfer asking why you are not cleared.  Once you are cleared, you will be notified by email.  ALL NEW STUDENTS TO SALINAS HIGH SCHOOL AND INCOMING FRESHMEN MUST UPLOAD A COPY OF YOUR REPORT CARD TO ATHLETIC CLEARANCE IN ORDER TO BE CLEARED!

    The new Athletic Clearance website is very easy to use.  The Athletic Office will no longer upload documents for you.  You must do this yourself.