ASB ~ Associated Student Body

  • Associated Student Body

    Elected student body leaders represent and govern student affairs for the duration of one school year.  Every student who attends Salinas High School is a member of the Associated Student Body. The ASB elected officials represent all of the students in planning, directing, and implementing all activities. The activities Director overseas Leadership Students, student clubs and organizations, student senate, and the finance office. The ASB bookkeeper works with students, staff, and parents regarding student and club finances.

    ASB elections are held once per year for officers, and appointed commissioners are once per year or as needed. Student Senate is held once per month and are representatives of 4th-period classes. These students discuss the direction of the school activities and make recommendations to the ASB Leadership.

    The Student Center is managed by the ASB Leadership program and includes all student forms, bulletin requests, senior information, clubs, and organizations, lost and found, locker information, parking permits, the Activities Director, and the Finance Office.