Principal's Message


    Dear Mount Toro Students and Parents,

    Welcome to Mount Toro High School. Something special is happening here and we want you to be part of it! Mount Toro offers you the opportunity to make changes that can help you become a successful high school student! We are proud of our school and are dedicated to supporting and guiding you to achieve your educational goals while preparing you for the world of college and work.

    We are a small high school with about 230 students. The small size allows us to work closely and more personally with students. Students attend school for 5.5 hours each day. Teachers provide direct instruction. The teachers and the support staff are dedicated to the goal of student success. Students at Mount Toro are successful. In order to do so, we expect students to work diligently, attend regularly, do their best on all tests, and demonstrate good character. We want you to Be M.O.R.E.- Motivated, Organized, Respectful and Engaged. Students are successful when parents, community, and the school agree together to support these efforts.

    Mount Toro High School provides an opportunity for students to be successful in an alternative setting. Our goal is for students to earn their high school diploma, improve their academic standing, develop positive character traits, gain useful social skills, provide opportunities to continue their education beyond high school, and to be prepared for the world of work. This is the new beginning you desired, please make the most of this new start. Together we are able to make powerful changes. Please bring your best intentions and desires to do well and we trust the best result will happen for you.

    Again, welcome. Go Toros!


    Gloria Chaidez