Welcome to NSHS Counseling

  • Our Mission

    The North Salinas High School Counseling Department is dedicated to helping all students to develop personal, academic and career skills in a safe environment. School counselors will facilitate the support systems that assist students in attaining the knowledge and skills to be self-sufficient and contributing members of our global society.

    Counselors' Roles

    • Guide individual and groups of students in the monitoring and managing of their academic, personal/social and career goals, including post-secondary planning.
    • Collaborate with faculty about academic, personal/social and career development activities.
    • Coordinate parent participation in educational and support services.
    • Use an effective referral process to help students, families and others to access special programs and community services.
    • Conference with parents, faculty, administrators, and other individuals to enhance student achievement.
    • Network and maintain up-to-date resources regarding post-secondary and career institutions.

    Counselors serve students in grades 9-12 and students are assigned to a counselor’s caseload by the first letter of their last name as well as by student enrollment in specialized programs. Please feel free to email or call us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you!

    Upcoming Events

    Thank you to all of our families who attended our parent nights on 8/29, 9/6, 10/2, and 10/9!

    October - December - Junior & Senior Evaluation Meetings

    11/27- Hartnell Concurrent Enrollment Workshop in Rm. 201 from 3:15 - 4:15 pm

    12/4- Cash for College Night in Rms. 18 & 20 from 6 - 8 pm

    12/13- Last Day of Fall Semester

    Grading Calendar

    2018-2019 Grading Calendar (English)      2018-2019 Grading Calendar (Spanish)




  • Counselor's Secretary

    Ilse Isguerra

    831-796-7500 ext. 2617

    PBIS Clerk

    Nicole Jimenez

    831-796-7500 ext. 2737

    9th & 11th Grade Counselor A-F & AVID & 12th T, U, Z

    Emily Oliver

    831-796-7500 ext. 2614

    9th & 11th G-N & 10th & 12th AVID & 12th S

    Sergio Tavizon

    831-796-7500 ext. 2741

    9th & 11th O-Z & 5th Year & 12th V, W, Y

    Nancy Saldana

    831-796-7500 ext. 2615 

    10th A-L & 12th A-Gonzalez & R

    Kristine Flores

    831-796-7500 ext. 2613

    10th M-Z & 12th Guevara-Rocha

    Arlene Vargas

    831-796-7500 ext. 2616

    Health Academy & ELD

    Maria Leyva

    831-796-7500 ext. 2611

    SDC & Transition

    Claudia Aguilar  

    831-796-7500 ext. 2707

    Intervention Specialist

    PBIS Tier I

    Lorena Hale

    831-796-7500 ext. 2738

    Intervention Specialist

    PBIS Tier II & III

    Ashley Shaffer

    831-796-7500 ext. 2612