Welcome to LPMS Counseling

  • LPMS Counseling Team


    Counseling Services at Glance:

    • Scheduling and Program Adjustment
    • Academic Counseling
    • Review and assessment of Promotion Requirements
    • Review student academics with parents
    • Referrals to alternative education
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Community Resources
    • College and Career Information

    District Eligibility Requirements for Participation in Promotion Activities:


    • Students must pass ALL 8th grade classes at the end of each Semester


    • No more than one Unsatisfactory mark for the 3rd quarter report card**

    ** Promoting 8th Grade students that do receive two or more Unsatisfactory marks during the 3rd quarter will not be permitted to participate in Promotion Activities. Special consideration may be given to students who demonstrate improvement by receiving zero Unsatisfactory marks during the 4th quarter. 

    • No serious violations of the behavior code during 4th quarter that result in a single 5-day suspension or two separate suspensions.


    • No outstanding debts for lost/damaged books, fundraisers, etc.


    • Student must have minimum of 85% attendance (8th grade year only)


    How can parents access a student’s counselor?

    • You can call the counseling secretary at 831-796-7900 ext. 8414 or you can come by the main office. Ms. Loya can schedule an appointment with the counselor.

    How can students access their counselor?

    • Students can go to the main office before school, during lunch, or after school and fill out a “Student Request to see Counselor” form in the counseling office.

    How to refer a student to a counselor?

    • For crisis management, refer immediately. For routine questions parents can make an appointment with the counseling secretary.