PBIS ~ Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

  • We love Harden Middle School! We are the home of the Huskies! Husky Pride means that you are RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and READY TO LEARN

    What is PBIS?
    "PBIS" is short for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports. PBIS is a set of ideas and tools that schools use to improve the behavior of students. PBIS uses evidence and data-based programs, practices and strategies to frame behavioral improvement in terms of student growth in academic performance, safety, behavior, and establishing and maintaining positive school culture. PBIS addresses the needs of at-risk students as well as the multi-leveled needs of all students in regards to behavior, which creates an environment for both teaching and learning to occur in schools. In contrast to PBIS, many schools used exclusionary discipline practices including detentions, suspension, or expulsions to separate students from the classroom and from peers. PBIS emphasizes preventing problem behaviors before they happen to increase the opportunity for students to learn by keeping them in the classroom. PBIS is a team-based framework for schools that borrows elements from response to intervention, an intervention that uses diagnostic data to develop personalized learning plans for all students.

    The Harden Way
    The Harden Way helps encourage every student to be RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and READY TO LEARN. Each teacher has created class policies and procedures that intervene and support each of these three behavior expectations.

    PBIS Annual Newsletter 2019-2020
    The Harden Way helps encourage every student to be RESPECTFULRESPONSIBLE, and READY TO LEARN. Please read our annual newsletter here.

    PBIS Monthly Newsletters 2020-2021
    The Harden Way would like to share PAWSITIVE NEWS of students and staff who have been RESPECTFULRESPONSIBLE, and READY TO LEARN. Theses newsletters are emailed to all stakeholders at the beginning of each month. Please check your inboxes for "Pawsitive News from Harden Middle School".

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    • Classroom interventions and supports
    • Schoolwide lessons
    • Progress Reports / Report Cards
    • Homework Center
    • Personal/Small Group Tutoring (by request)
    • Semester Remediation
    • Summer Academies



    • Classroom interventions and supports
    • Progress Reports / Report Cards
    • Schoolwide Lessons
    • Reflection Room
    • Check-In/Check-Out (SLED)
    • School Wellness Center
    • Why Try?
    • Alternative to Suspension



    To support positive behavior in key areas, we have implemented school rewards for good behavior in the following ways:

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  • PBIS Clerk
    Doris Finona

    (831) 796-7300 extension 8304

    PBIS Tier I Team
    Jeannie Roland

    (831) 796-7300 extension 8305

    PBIS Tier II-III Team
    Maria Ruiz, LCSW, PPSC

    (831) 796-7300 extension 8310