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  • Incoming 7th Graders

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    Current Students

    When would a student make an appointment to see a counselor?
    A student would make an appointment to see a counselor if they were experiencing any of the following issues. The earlier they make an appointment, the better!

    • academic concerns (grades, sign up for tutorials, prepare for college)
    • behavior concerns (citizenship, bullying, harassment)
    • emotional support (feelings, family life)
    • social issues (relationships with others)
    • special programs (AVID, GATE, MIGRANT)


    When would a parent call to make an appointment to see a counselor?
    A parent would make an appointment to see a counselor for their child if they had exhausted the list of options below and the situation still has not changed. For any questions related to the following strategies for success, please contact Mrs. Garcia at the number on the side of this page.

    • establish a consistent routine at home
    • decide on an "electronic free" space to do homework or read
    • sleep well, eat well, and regularly attend school
    • discuss each class as a family each night
    • interact with childs agenda and help them use it to prioritize their homework
    • address agenda concerns with child if you see blank spaces night after night
    • learn and use Home Access Center at least weekly
    • contact teachers by email (faster) or by phone
    • shadow student by attending classes with them
    • sign up student for homework center if you work late or need a teacher's help
    • start and continue weekly progress reports until issue resolves
    • tie in rewards or consequences to weekly progress reports
    • call Ms. Yasin for student to see counselor and discuss areas of concern


    What type of resources are there in the community?
    The following organzations have resources to help your family. Please click on each image to be taken to their website or contact information. 


    Arms of Angels
    Help After Loss

     Door To Hope
    Mentor Moms & Dads

    Understanding Grief
    click image click image    click image



    Suicide Hotline
    Suicide Prevention Help



    Sunrise House



     Sunstreet Center
    Preventing Addiction


    24 hours a day,
    7 days a week


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