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  • The LPMS Library


    7:30a.m. - 4:00p.m. (pass needed for class time and lunch time)

    Library Staff

    Mrs. Patty Ristine - Library
    Mrs. Susanna Nieto - Textbooks

    Accelerated Reader

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What do I need to check out a book at the La Paz Library?
      • Your school ID card and school planner.
    2. How many library books can I check out?
      • Two
    3. How long do I have to read the books I check out?
      • Two weeks
    4. If I'm not done reading my book by my due date can I have more time?
      • Yes, go to the library and ask to renew it.
    5. Can I reserve books?
      • Yes, you can ask to reserve a book. Once the book comes in, you will be notified.
    6. How many books does the library have?
      • There are over 14,000 books in the library.
    7. What happens if I lose a library or textbook?
      • Most students misplace books and find them, but if a book is truly lost it must be paid for.
    8. Are there computers in the library?
      • Yes, there are 8 computers in the library.