Principal's Message

  • November 21, 2017

    Dear Harden Parents and Guardians,

    The school year is moving quickly. It is almost the end of our first semester. Our students at Harden Middle School are continuing to work hard as we focus on making sure our students learn the grade level standards, learn how to effectively use technology, and continue to learn how to be positive, respectful citizens at Harden Middle School.

    In January, we will have our 2nd quarter Renaissance awards assembly for all students who earned honor roll for the second quarter. Students will receive an invitation to bring home to you inviting you to the awards ceremony. If your student received honor roll for the first quarter, they participated in our bounce house reward. Students received Renaissance certificates and a Renaissance shirt that they are able to wear every Friday. If a student earns Renaissance for all three quarters, they are eligible for our special Harden bowling reward and will earn a field trip to go bowling at the Salinas Valley Bowling Center. We want to celebrate the hard work of our students and recognize the students who are striving to achieve honor roll and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher.

    Our goal as a school is to have all our 8th grade students eligible to walk in the promotion. This means that our students need to pass all their semester classes and maintain good citizenship. We will have a Winter Intercession program for students who did not pass Math in both 7th and 8th grade and Social Studies for 8th grade students. We will also offer some Saturday classes in the second semester for intervention support.  Parents, you can help us by checking your child’s grades on the Home Access Center. The Home Access center is a tool to check your child’s grades and attendance. If you do not have access please see Mrs. Brooks our receptionist, or your child’s counselor. The students also know how to access their grades. The access center allows you to see if your child has turned in assignments and if he or she is passing their exams. We want to make sure our students are learning to be responsible and complete assignments on time. We also offer support for students who are struggling academically. If your child is struggling in any subject area, they can attend the after school homework center in the library on Tuesday-Thursday where teachers are there to support them.

    We are continuing to teach our Huskies how to follow our 3 R’s, Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn each day. Every month we have a lesson that focuses on a specific topic like digital citizenship or respect that we will work on as a school site. We have had multiple rewards for Huskies that are following the 3 R’s. Each week we have a weekly raffle where students are selected on Husky TV and win a prize. We also have our Husky Mall, where students receive “Bark bucks” and can buy a prize on Fridays. Students receive raffle tickets for things like: being in uniform, being on time, having their homework filled out in their agenda, and many more respectful behaviors are recognized in the classroom. We have also celebrated with three days of Chat “N Chill. This recognizes students who have not had any tardies for the marking period. Students are released to break 15 minutes early and receive an Otter pop and are able to socialize with their friends while listening to music. Lastly, we had our first Husky Pride Day. This day celebrates students who have not earned any Unsatisfactory marks on their report card and who have not been suspended. Students were able to do fun activities like make giant bubbles, create origami, face paint, skateboard races, football, movies, and most important to them, eat snacks like Jamba Juice. We are excited to recognize our Huskies for their great citizenship.

    I look forward to continuing share our school updates and successes with you.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ideas on how we can continually grow as a school and work together to provide our students with the best education.


    Kimberly McCullick

    (831) 796-7300 x8201

    Harden Middle School, Principal