Wellness Center "The Nest"

  • Our Vision

    • Provide social, emotional, behavioral and academic support to all students so they can develop into resilient, compassionate, and well-rounded adults.
    • Afford all students the opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow while providing individualized support as needed.
    • Promote equality and inclusivity for students of all cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds; sexual orientations; gender identities; and those with specialized needs.

    Our Mission 

    The Nest is dedicated to supporting students' social, emotional, behavioral, and academic development by meeting youth where they are. Through the use of individualized support and by bringing together educators, families, and the local community, we strive to empower students to enhance their overall wellbeing and personal achievement. 


    If you would like to learn more about available support services, or refer a student to The Nest, visit our Website https://eahsnest.weebly.com/  or contact our Nest Clerk, at (831) 796-7800 ext. 2479.