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       Part 1:         Click here to watch a video on How to put a book on Hold

    At this time....

    1. Check out up to 4 books.
    2. Keep the books for a month

    Please remember to take care of these books they are borrowed to you.

    If you have any questions please feel free to email me at julia.grant@salinasuhsd.org





  • Library Technican
    Julia Grant

    (831) 796-7200 ext. 8026
    Mrs Grant




    Textbook Clerk
    Patricia Melena
    (831) 796-7200 ext. 8035
    Mrs. Melen

     How to place books on HOLD

    • Make sure you are on the "Student Portal" tab
    • Scroll down and find "Destiny Library" click on it
    • Click on "El Sausal Middle School"
    • Click on "Destiny Discover" on the left side
    • You will see:
      "Welcome to El Sausal Middle School" page
    • Click on the "LOG IN" upper right side
    • Enter "USERNAME" your ID #
    • Enter "PASSWORD" it is P@ssw0rd
      (remember it's a capital "P" and 0 is the number zero)

    Good Job! Now you are logged into Destiny!