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    Counseling Dept. 2020

    Counseling Services at a Glance

    Registration, scheduling, and program adjustment         Scholarship committee meetings
    Academic counseling     SST, CORE, 504, and IEP meetings
    Interviews for each student     Classroom presentations
    Parent can request special grade checks on students         College and career choices orientation
    Parent/teacher/counselor meetings for student success         Foreign exchange student opportunities
    Graduation status reports for seniors     Planning and financial aid information for college
    Interpretation of proficiency and achievement         Assistance in registration for SAT/ACT
    Crisis intervention, personal counseling and referrals         Assistance in preparing college applications
    Referrals to PASS, ACE, Hartnell,         HHS, AVID, GATE, and 9th Grade Academy advising
    Referrals tosummer school and alternative education   ROP referrals and career choices
    Review and assessment of college entrance requirements   Extra curricular college opportunities
    Review and assessment of graduation requirements   Translation of international transcripts
    Letters of recommendation