• How to Apply

    OPTION 1:

    If you are considering applying to our alternative programs and attend an SUHSD school, consult with your counselor to have them help you through the process


    OPTION 2:

    Go to https://alted.eps.is/ to apply. Please make sure you have the following before initiating the application process:

    • Transcript (attendance %, GPA, Current Credits)
    • Most recent report card
    • IEP*/504

    *If you have an IEP, please consult both your counselor and your case carrier before applying so they can go over the details of the requirements.

    If you need assistance, have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact El Puente School at 831.796.7700 or text us at 833.355.0386


    AltEd Application Cycle Dates

    To Enroll on September 5, Apply by August 17
    To Enroll on October 10, Apply by September 21
    To Enroll on November 13, Apply by October 26
    To Enroll on January 9, Apply by December 1
    To Enroll on February 13, Apply by January 25
    To Enroll on March 11, Apply by February 22
    To Enroll on April 22, Apply by April 4

  • Program Options


    With El Puente School, students are provided with three different options that can lead to graduation and are supported by services essential to success.


    • In class for only 2 hours
    • Small class size
    • Work at your own pace
    • Complete 5 hours of work on your own schedule each day
    • Continue to play sports at your school

    • Online for 2 hours / 4 days a week
    • ONLY attend school in-person on Wednesdays
    • Complete 5 hours of work on your own schedule each day

    • Earn your high school Equivalency Certificate (GED) by passing 5 tests
    • Must be 17 years and 6 months to enroll
    • We help you make sure you pass each test
    • Flexible scheduling

    Designed for students who are behind in credits and who want to graduate now


    • Online 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) for 140 minutes
    • In-person 2 days a week (Tuesday & Thursday) for 140 minutes
    • 1 multi-subject teacher for instruction
    • Small class size (20-35 Students Max)