• What are scholarships?

    Scholarships are one of four different ways that Eagles can get money to pay for your college or university expenses (The Big 4: grants, scholarships, loans, work study). Like grants, scholarships provide free money that does not have to be repaid. 

    What are the requirements? 

    Do not assume that you need to have a high Grade Point Average. Many people are impressed with a student's real GPA, GRIT, POTENTIAL, and AMBITION. Requirements vary. If you spend enough time you will find opportunities that are open for you. 

    How do I find them?

    Get "in the know." Eagles should create accounts in various search engines, look at scholarship lists, and explore financial aid websites of schools that they plan on applying to. Also, use your research and communication skills and ask fellow students, teachers, counselors, administrators, and staff members. A wise practice is to look at the list of scholarships Eagle alumni earned. 

    Importantly, do not ever pay anyone or any website for scholarship or financial aid information! Be aware of scams. 

    What do I need to have in order to fill them out?

    Typically, Eagles will be expected to have the following when completing scholarship applications, yet components vary:  letters of recommendation, the application, personal statements, copy of transcript. All of these take time to get, so be prepared. If you need a letter of recommendation, make sure you  provide that individual with ample time, as they may have dozens of students ahead of you. You can ask an employer, counselor, teacher, mentor, pastor, etc. who knows you on a personal level and is able to write about you highlighting your strengths, abilities, character, and promise. 

    How many should I apply for?

    Search for and apply to as many scholarships as possible. 

    What types are there?

    Opportunities abound, and there are scholarships for just about anything you can think of: merit, academic interest, career interest, talent, ability, disability, accomplishment, community service, employer. 

    What do I do after I receive a scholarship?

    Once an Eagle is offered/awarded a scholarship they should bring a copy of the award letter or email to their counselor, as you will be recognized at the EAHS Senior Awards Night. Make sure you reply to the individual or agency giving you the scholarship and express gratitude as well as anyone who wrote you a letter of recommendation--a thank you card is always proper. Add this award to your resume or brag sheet.