• Community Service Instructions for 

    Distance Learning 2020-21

  • CC

    Pre Approved & Completed Community Service Forms:

    1. If you have Community Service Forms that were pre approved and completed but did not get a chance to turn them in before the school closure, please take a picture of the completed and signed form to Mrs. Rodriguez at adriana.rodriguez@salinasuhsd.org

    Approval Process for New Community Service Forms:

    1. If you need a Community Service form to be Pre-Approved, please fill out your information on the contract  (Name, ID#, Grad year, & School) as well as the non-profit organization information of where you plan on attending. Once all that is completed, please send it via email to Ms. Miranda at sylvia.miranda@salinasuhsd.org for Pre-Approval. 
    2. Once approved, Ms. Miranda will send it back via email and you are ready to start your service.
    3. Be sure to log your hours and activity on the Community Service Log Sheet.
    4. Hours must be completed after school (3 PM) unless it is a weekend/Holiday/School Break.

    Turning in Completed Forms: 

    Upon the completion of your service, please make sure the forms are completed and signed before turning them in via email to Mrs. Rodriguez.

  • Community Service Requirements 2020-21


    • You may not be paid or given class or court credit.
    • Hours must be completed after school (3 PM) unless it is a weekend/Holiday/School Break. 
    • The activity MUST be Pre-Approved by your school Work Experience Coordinator. (Ms. Miranda at sylvia.miranda@salinasuhsd.org
    • Not more than 20 hours of service may be earned in RSJ school-related activities.
    • Only 10 hours may be earned for career-related activities.
    • Must log in your hours on the Community Service Log Sheet.
    • You must earn at least 10 hours in at least 2 different categories below: 
      • Non-Profit
      • Education Entity
      • Career Development

    Community Service Form:  Click here 
    Community Service Log Sheet: Click here

    Forma para Horas Comunitarias: Has clic aqui
    Registro para las Horas Comunitarias: Has clic aqui