ROP Overview

  • The ROP is a vocational training program. Courses are held year round, both part-time and full-time courses are offered during the day or in the evenings. Courses are free of charge and are open to high school students, out-of-school youth over 16 year of age and to adults. High school students under 16 years of age may be admitted with the approval of the school Principal.

    ROP training develops marketable skills, abilities, attitudes and work habits so students may secure jobs, work part-time, prepare for advanced training, or upgrade and enhance vocational skills. Credits applicable toward high school graduation will be awarded by the ROP each semester. Normally 10 credits per semester are awarded for each two-hour daily class. ROP courses meet the District’s graduation requirement for vocational education.

    We encourage Mount Toro students to enroll in ROP courses to learn valuable job skills and to earn additional credits toward graduation. Students may take training in a number of professions: Construction Technology, Cosmetology, Home Care, Computer Hardware and Software, Computer Business Applications, Graphic Design, Grocery Checker, Bank Teller, Dental Assistant, Nurse's Aide or Orderly, Restaurant Sales Management, Retail Merchandising, BodyFender, Floriculture, Metal Fabrication, and Computer Assisted Drafting. See the ROP Vocational Evaluator for details.