Dress Code


    In cooperation with teachers, students, and parents/guardians, the principal or designee shall regularly
    review district regulations and may establish additional school rules governing dress and grooming.
    Please see board policy for any updates to the dress code policy.
    The following are NOT permitted:

    1. Bare feet; shoes must be worn at all times

    2. See-through or fishnet fabrics, halter-tops, low cut tops and skirts or shorts shorter than mid-
    thigh, bare midriffs (stomach area should not be exposed).

    3. Strapless, torn or ragged clothing

    4. No apparel that contains drugs, alcohol, or tobacco

    5. Clothing that disrupts the effective functioning of the school

    6. Any Apparel, jewelry, notebook, accessory, or manner of grooming that’s, been virtue of its color
    or arrangement, trademark or any other tribute are identifiable as belonging to a disruptive group or

    7. Head coverings except in accordance with education code 35183.5 students may wear
    sunglasses and sun protection clothing including hats, caps, and visors. Other head coverings are
    not permitted. All clothing or hats related to gang activity or inappropriate are prohibited.

    Dress and Grooming:
    The Governing Board requires that student’s clothing shall not be unsafe either for the student or those
    around the student (e.g., long, loose sleeves or long hair while the student is operating power machinery or
    working with open fire), nor be disruptive of school operations and education process in general, not to be
    contrary to law. (Board Policy 5132)