School Site Council

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    The School Site Council is a group of teachers, parents, classified employees, and students that work with the principal to develop, review and evaluate school improvement programs and school budgets. The members of the site council are generally elected by their peers.


    Scheduled Meetings

    Wednesday September 27, 2023  @ 6p.m. - Virtual 

    Thursday November 9, 2023 @ 6p.m. - Virtual 

    Meeting Link



Minutes and Agendas


  • President of School Site Council
    Jose Trujillo

    Vice President of School Site Council
    Vanessa Chavez

    Dr. Mary White
    831-796-7500 ext. 2601 

    Parent Representatives
    Vanessa Chavez 

    Kathie Grab 

    Jose Trujillo

    Student Representatives
    Jett Hara

    Yohjary Flores

    Rebecca Rivera

    Teacher /Staff Representatives
    Cameron Chien

    Tessa Mauro

    Melissa Mears

    Randall Stuhler 

    Charles Tremetozzi