Dress Code

  • Rules for the Following Dress Code:

    1. Hats are not allowed including but not limited to: hats, visors, beanies, stocking caps/do rags, Bandanas, handkerchiefs, and berets. If students need sun protection, they can wear the EAHS logo hats.

    2. All apparel: no red or blue and solid white t-shirts or solid black shirts.

    3. Belts with initials on buckles

    4. No lanyards that are solid red/blue or that are labeled with an athletic team name

    5. No strapless shirts, shirts with midriff showing, shirts with straps less than one inch wide

    6. No shorts or skirts shorter than mid-thigh

    7. Excessively torn/see through/ragged pants, shorts, skirts or shirts

    8. Any clothing containing profanity, obscenity, illegal activity, is vulgar or sexually suggestive, or that promotes the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco

    9. Area Codes, North/South/East/West graphics, Cal/Cali/Norcal/Cencal, 187, Ca flag/map/star/bear, Cali ink

    10. Solid or predominantly red/blue shoe laces, Solid or predominantly red/blue shoes.

    11. No professional athletic team apparel, including, but not limited to the MLB, NFL, NHL, FIFA, etc.