Mission and Vision

  • Mission
    “Proudly following the legacy of Everett Alvarez Jr., we will empower our students to succeed academically and serve their community with respect, responsibility, and honor.”


    Our staff will...

    • Provide a rigorous academic program to support call students’ success and passion for lifelong learning.
    • Afford students the opportunity to explore, learn from, and give back to the community.  
    • Demonstrate diplomacy, integrity, and commitment to excellence in our daily actions, which in turn, will inspire students to do the same.


    Our Namesake: Everett Alvarez Jr.

    We are named after Salinas, California native and national hero Everett Alvarez, Jr. Born December 23rd, 1937, Everett Alvarez began serving our country as an aviator for the United States Navy and was subsequently shot down during the Vietnam War. He was captured by the enemy and held as a prisoner of war (POW) for over eight and a half years – making him the second longest-held American POW. After his liberation, Alvarez continued to proudly serve our country with distinction in various government roles. He is the recipient of the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, two Legions of Merit, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

    After his work with the government, Everett Alvarez has owned and run two successful IT and consultancy businesses. When asked of how his experiences helped shape his activities after the war, he replied “I came out of the prisoner of war camp after eight and a half years wanting to catch up. My whole life since then has been pursuing those dreams that I thought about as I was sitting in those cells. I’ve never looked back, always looked forward.”

    As outlined in our Mission and Vision Statements, we at Everett Alvarez High School strive to build a learning community upon a foundation of respect with pillars of responsibility, perseverance, and honor.