Enrollment Information

  • Please bring the following documents for enrollment:

    • Immunization Records
    • Birth Certificate
    • Withdrawal Grades from previous school
    • Transcript from previous school
    • Proof of  Residency under the Parent/Guardians name ( Utility bill within the last 30 days)
    • Proof of guardianship if student is not living with parents
    • Documents of custodial rights (if applicable)
    • Contact the school if you have questions about Alisal High School attendance boundaries.

    Note: Once you bring the above documents to the school, you will have to complete the enrollment packet.

    Jessica Galindo
    831-796-7600 ext 2032

    Registrar Clerk
    Joanna Castro
    831-796-7600 ext 2033


Request a Transcript

  • Transcripts for Current Students:

    All official transcripts must be requested from the school registrar 24 hours in advance by signing in the Request for Transcript Binder by the Receptionist. Unofficial transcripts can be received from the Registrar or the Counseling Office as time permits. Allow two day (48 hours) for processing. 


Graduation Verification ~ Request a Transcript for Former Student

  • Transcript Request or Graduation Verification Requests for Former Students

    To place a transcript request:

    Email your request to: Jessica Galindo or Joanna Castro
    Be sure to include your full name (as it was at the time of enrollment). Date of Birth, last year attended and contact information.

    Please allow 48 hours for processing upon receipt. 


    ****High School Diploma Verification Dates must be requested in writing. Please fax to 831-796-7605****

Ordering a Duplicate Diploma

  • There is a $38.00 fee, which can be paid at the Finance Store. Once fee is paid, it will take 6 to 8 weeks to receive the diploma.

Withdrawal Information

  • Withdrawal Information:

    Students wishing to withdraw from school for any reason must report to the Registrar’s Office accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign a Student Withdrawal Form.

    Students are required to complete the following:

    • Obtain withdrawal grades from teachers.
    • Return all Textbook and Library books.
    • Check out at the designated office (i.e. Attendance, Health Office, Textbook Room , Library, Finance Store)

    Once completed, a copy of the withdrawal form, withdrawal grades, and transcript will be provided to the student.