• At North Salinas   At the ROP Center
    Ag Business Floristry   Automotive
    Art in the Digital Age (a)   Industrial Welding
    Graphic Design (b)   Engine Maintenance/ Diesel
    Restaurant Careers   Health Occupations
    Computer Business Applications   Fire Science and Tech
    Sports Medicine (a)   Foundations of Nurse Assisting
    Sports Med. Athletic Trainer (b)   Medical Assisting
    Intro to Computer Science (a)   Dental Careers
    AP Computer Science (b)   Emergency Medical Technician/ EMR
    Ag Mechanics 1-2 (a)   Careers in Education
    Ag Mechanics 3-4 (b)   Health Occupations/ Physical Therapist Aide
    (a) First year in sequence    
    (b) Second year in sequence