Viking 102 Services

  • Drop-In Counseling

    Students experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral challenges can use the Viking 102 Request for Assistance to request a drop-in check-in (a brief, solution-focused counseling conversation). These sessions are structured, goal-oriented, and scheduled during Office Hours/Intervention Time to avoid disrupting class time.

    Staff and family members may also request assistance on behalf of students who they feel may benefit from a check-in.

    Mentor Check-Ins

    After requesting assistance, the first step is often connecting a student to a regular mentor-- an NSHS staff member who is their champion and who they connect with regularly. Students will decide if they want daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check-ins with their mentor. They will also decide how they want to check-in: email, chat, text, phone, or virtual meeting.

    Counseling Groups

    After assessment by the Intervention Specialist and Viking 102 teams, some students may be eligible to join a topic-focused counseling group. Groups are based on student needs and may focus on topics such as: stress reduction, motivation, empowerment, social skills, grief, life transitions, substance use, anger, and other relevant topics.

    Individual Therapy

    After assessment by the Intervention Specialist and Viking 102 teams, some students may be eligible for individual therapy provided by the Monterey County Behavioral Health clinician or Community Human Services counselor. In order to receive these services, student and caregivers must consent to participate.

    Academic Student Study Teams & Behavior Student Support Teams

    A-SST and B-SST meetings are an opportunity for a student, the student's parents, teachers, counselor, the SST Coordinator (Emily Oliver or Ashley Shaffer), and other relevant stakeholders to get together and discuss a student's academic, behavioral, or social-emotional progress. This is an opportunity to problem-solve as a team and propose interventions that may help the student be more successful.