• The Wellness Center is currently a virtual space; however, when students and staff and return to NSHS, the Wellness Center is a safe, welcoming environment located at the front, Alvin Dr. entrance of NSHS.

  • Mission Statement

    The NSHS Wellness Center creates a supportive, healthy learning environment by responding to students’ physical, mental, and social-emotional needs; building systems of support; and fostering positive attitudes, growth mindsets, and resilience in students and staff.

  • Vision Statement

    The NSHS Wellness Center responds to students’ needs in order to support success in school and college and career readiness.

Our Staff



    Ms. Shaffer
    Intervention Specialist

    Mrs. Frias
    Community Human Services Counselor
    Mrs. Jimenez
    PBIS Clerk
    Ms. Ramirez
    Monterey County Behavioral Health Clinician
    Mrs. Aguilar
    Academic Intervention Specialist

    Mrs. Lopez
    Academic Intervention Teacher

    Dr. Tucker
    Academic Intervention Teacher
    Mrs. Mauro
    EL Specialist