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     SUHSD Virtual and/or Contactless and In-person Community Service Opportunities 21/22

    Community Service Protocols 2020-2021

    SHS Work Experience Coordinator: 
    Martha Arevalo (Ext:3073) 

    Community Service Protocols During COVID-19 Moderate Restrictions 

    2020-2021 School Year

    Revised 4/7/2021 

    The Salinas Union High School District (SUHSD) and Board of Trustees continue to recognize that community service can help students develop skills, career preparation and self-esteem. Service experience can motivate students by letting them apply what they have learned to local needs and problems and by showing them they can make a contribution to the community. During these difficult times, SUHSD recognizes the efforts that students are making to give back to our community during these uncertain times, as well as counting these efforts towards the community service graduation requirement.

    SUHSD also recognizes the importance of focusing on maintaining student safety by encouraging opportunities and protocols to minimize exposure to COVID-19.  Effective April 6, 2021, Monterey County is now in the orange tier “moderate restriction” stage. As a result, the SUHSD is lifting community service restrictions to now include in-person volunteer and community service opportunities. Students will be expected to follow CDC safety guidelines including:

    • Adhere to social distancing guidelines
    • Wear face coverings/ PPE
    • Open to wellness checks, as well as frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer
    • Minimal sharing of tools and equipment
    • Outdoor activities highly encouraged whenever possible
    • Stay home if student or any member of their household is ill  

    Prior to April 6, 2021, only virtual activities were approved to count towards the graduation community service requirement. As a reminder, the community service contracts still require pre-approval by the Work Experience Coordinator at each site to ensure that hours will count towards the graduation requirement. We appreciate your understanding and patience in keeping student safety as the focus of our work.

    The following changes are in effect for the 2020-21 school year:


    Seniors - Class of 2021

    The 60 hours of community service as a graduation requirement has been waived  for the class of 2021. If you are a senior and have less than 60 hours, you do not have to worry about completing this requirement in order to graduate. No further action is required. 

    If you have completed more than 60 hours and you did not submit pre-approved contracts prior  to the March 15, 2020 Shelter in Place Order, you may continue to submit completed, pre-approved contracts until April 30, 2021. These hours will be used to calculate the totals for the Senior Community Service Awards. Please scan or take a photo of your pre-approved contract and time-log and send them via email to the Work Experience Coordinator at your site.


    Juniors and Sophomores- Class of 2022 and 2023 

    The completion of 60 community service hours is still a requirement for graduation. Before you start the community service, please scan or take a picture of the filled community service contract  and email it to the Work Experience Coordinator for pre-approval. 


    Freshmen- Class of 2024

    The completion of 40 community service hours is still a requirement for graduation. A kind reminder that: 

    1. You may not be paid or given class credit.
    2. The activity must be pre-approved by your school’s Work Experience Coordinator.
    3. You must earn at least 10 hours in at least two of the following categories: non-profit, education entity or career development.
    4. No more than 20 hours of credit may be earned in school related service at your school.
    5. No more than 10 hours of credit may be earned in Career Development.

    Reminder: All Community Service Hours must be submitted by the last day of school during the academic year in which they were completed. Hours completed during summer school should be submitted upon return to school in August.

    Pre-Approved Community Service Forms 

    If you have a pre-approved contract with hours completed prior to the March 15, 2020 school closure which you did not submit, please take the following steps: 

    a.) Take a picture of the completed, pre-approved community service form.  Please ensure the 

          form is complete and all signatures legible.

    b.) Take a picture of the completed Community Service Time-Log. 

    c.) Email or scan  both files to the Work Experience Coordinator at your high school. 

    Work Experience Coordinators Contact Information 

    Salinas High School:  Marta Arevalo (marta.arevalo@salinasuhsd.org) 

     (831) 796-7400 ext. 3073