• Our local school communities have been waiting anxiously to receive guidance from state representatives with clear direction on the re-opening of schools. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the California Department of Education (CDE) have released documents. Both documents are built on the recommendations of public health authorities and are subject to change as the health crises evolves. Districts and schools will need to follow the directives of their local public health authorities. 
    The CDE guidelines call for:
    • Face coverings: Students and staff should wear face coverings during all educational activities (at school and while on buses). 
    • Physical distancing: Students and staff should engage in physical distancing (at least six feet of spacing between seats and in hallways and on buses) at all times. 
    • Symptom screening: School districts should identify staff who can take temperatures of students and staff before they enter the campus.


    The California Department of Public Health announcement reflects ongoing safety concerns around COVID-19. The interim guidance is based on the “best available public health data, international best practices currently employed and the practical realities of managing school operations.” In addition, CDPH released updated guidance for childcare programs and providers, including resources for parents and employers supporting employees with childcare needs.

    The guidance follows an announcement Friday that the state will provide a 60-day supply of Personal Protective Equipment to TK-12 schools. To support the safe reopening of schools and protect public health, the Governor's Office of Emergency Services and the Department of General Services will assist public schools (traditional and charter), private schools and childcare facilities in procuring necessary PPE, supplies, and equipment.

    To view the guidance documents, click on these links:
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.