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Career Center Winter Break
  • Work Permits 

    Salinas Union High School District (SUHSD)  will start to issue work permits to students that have been offered employment. SUHSD will continue to enforce local requirements to issue work permits. 

    The career technician from your school is your main contact to request the work permit. The career technician’s contact information is as follows:

    Alisal High School: Denise Hernandez  (denise.hernandez@salinasuhsd.org)  (831) 796-7600 ext 2027

    Everett  Alvarez High School: Laura Ruano (laura.ruano@salinasuhsd.org)  (831) 796-7800 ext 2346

    Salinas High School: Amanda Ojeda (amanda.ojeda@salinasuhsd.org) (831) 796-7400 ext 2947

    North Salinas High School: Adriana Anaya-Padilla (adriana.padilla@salinasuhsd.org) (831) 796-7500 ext.2623

    Rancho San Juan High School: (831) 273-7700 ext.3490

    El Puente School and Mount Toro High School. April Davis  (april.davis@salinasuhsd.org) (831) 753-4209 ext.1212

    How do I receive my work permit? 

    1. Once application and documentation is received, the career technician of your school will process your permit within 24 hours. The work permit and a  Work Experience Coordinator letter of introduction will be mailed to the address provided. The career technician will call to let you know when the work permit was mailed out.  The Salinas post office has a 24-48 hours turnaround time in letters within the city. 
    2. After you receive your work permit, the applicant should sign the copy, take a picture and email it to the career technician. 

    How long is my work permit valid for? 

    The work permit that you will be receiving is valid for the rest of the  school year, summer time and expires 10 days after the next school year starts. If the applicant does not meet the minimum requirements to issue a work permit, the Work Experience Coordinator or Career Counselor will contact you to set up a time to discuss your situation.

    After I receive my work permit, who is in charge of monitoring work permit minimum requirements?

    The Work Experience Coordinator (WEC) from your high school will be reaching out to set up an appointment to meet the student and the family. The WEC will be responsible for monitoring the academic progress and safety of the students at the workplace.  The Work Experience Coordinator will be monitoring the GPA and attendance every quarter. In the event that a student does not meet eligibility requirements, the WEC will set up a parent meeting and the work permit may be cancelled until the student goes back on track with GPA and attendance requirements.

    The Work Experience Coordinators information is as follows: 

    Alisal High School: Dr. Julissa Mendoza (julissa.mendoza@salinasuhsd.org) (831) 796-7600 ext.2183

    Everett  Alvarez High School: Evan Robinson (evan.robinson@salinasuhsd.org) (831) 796-7600 ext. 2484

    Salinas High School:  Martha Arevalo (marta.arevalo@salinasuhsd.org)  (831) 796-7400 ext. 3073

    North Salinas High School: Blanca Benitez (blanca.benitez@salinasuhsd.org) (831) 796-7500 ext. 2749

    Rancho San Juan High School: Sylvia Miranda (sylvia.miranda@salinasuhsd.org) (831) 273-7700 ext. 3438

    El Puente School and Mount Toro High School. April Davis  (april.davis@salinasuhsd.org) (831) 753-4209 ext.1212



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