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Agriculture Business Pathway

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    Agriculture Business Pathway

     Course Descriptions:

    Agriculture Business Occupations: Prepares students to perform tasks related to agribusiness, marketing, sales, agricultural economics, and management of farm and agriculturally related enterprises. Included are such topics as the study of agribusiness-related careers, farm safety management, responsibilities of management, government organizations and regulations, basic economics, agricultural credit, and recordkeeping and accounting. Articulated with Hartnell College ABT 130 course.

    Advanced Agriculture Business: This course allows students to develop the skills and foundational knowledge needed to start a sustainable agribusiness. In addition to being able to evaluate and differentiate agricultural business types and structures, students will also develop ethical and socially responsible decision making skills through a series of analytical and research essays as well as through detailed presentations and mock trials. While the first semester of this year-long course focuses on building an understanding of agriculture and sustainability, as well as the many forces that affect the industry, the second semester focuses on using that base knowledge to inform building business and entrepreneurial acumen. By the end of this course students will synthesize language, communication, critical thinking skills, marketing and economic principles, pertinent legal knowledge, as well as the foundations of agriculture into the design of a business plan for a sustainable agribusiness. After a series of revisions and peer editing, students will pitch the business plan to a panel of community partners and industry professionals who will not only evaluate the viability of each plan but offer critical feedback as well. Articulated with Hartnell College ABT 80 course. (Prerequisite: Agriculture Business Occupations)

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