Agriculture Business Pathway

  • Course Descriptions:

    Agriculture Business Occupations: This course is UC “G” (college preparatory elective) approved and meets the vocational education, elective or VAPA graduation requirement. Credits: 10.  This course is designed for the study of agriculture business and economics for the college bound students with interest in agriculture. Through the course, the student will understand and apply basic economic principles as they relate to agriculture and agricultural production systems work within global economic systems, including basic economic concepts, supply and demand, pricing and marketing considerations, production factors, resource allocation, cost analysis, problems specific to agriculture, plus state and federal farm programs affecting the economic positions of agriculture companies. Including life skills such as resumes, job applications, interview skills, and college and scholarship applications will be included. The students will develop a “business” that will produce, package, determine prices, and market their products. 

    Advanced Agriculture Business: This course is UC “G” (college preparatory elective) approved and meets one of the following graduation requirements: vocational education or elective. It is a capstone course for the CTE Ag Business Pathway Credits: 10. This course provides a basic understanding of the marketing aspects of the agricultural industry including global agricultural markets. This course is designed for students interested in Agriculture Business and Agriculture Production. Along with classroom instruction, this course offers co-curricular on-the–job learning experience related to tasks performed in Agri-Business. This would include companies that allow students in the following occupations: Agriculture Production, Supplies and Services, Mechanics, Processing, Ornamental Horticulture and Natural Resources and Rural Recreation.