• Handicap Parking

    1. License plate number of the vehicle that will be transporting the handicap guest is needed.
    2. Handicap seating is also available, but will need the same requirements. Parent/Guardian OR Graduate (Senior) must register at the Sports Office in person. Info needed: Graduate’s name & ID#, Name of Handicap Guest & Assistant, a contact number
    3. ALL handicap guest are allowed only 1 assistant to enter through the handicap entrance with them.
    4. All others must enter through the general entrance regardless if they arrived in the same vehicle with the handicap guest.
    5. ALL must have a general graduation ticket to enter (no exceptions).
    6. With reserved parking they may park their vehicle behind the stadium through the Cayuga Street entrance at 12:30 p.m.
    7. However, only the handicap guest & their 1 assistant will be allowed to enter the stadium (all guests/assistants must have a graduation ticket to enter stadium).  Guest & 1 assistant with reserved handicap seating may get dropped off at the Cayuga Street to enter stadium but may not park there.  All handicap guest & 1 assistant will be on a list given to the Security Guards.
    8. Anyone that is not on the handicap guest/assistant list but arrived in the same vehicle as the handicap guest may NOT enter through the back gates at 12:30 p.m.   They will need to get in line with the general population regardless if they arrived in the same vehicle.