• The proof of the residency program's success is found in the resident's testimony.  Below are the current student teachers in the residency program.  Both residents are teaching in the field of special education alongside their cooperating teacher or mentor.

    Julie & Kayla   
    Juilie Conner (Mentor) and Kayla Cota (Resident)

    "The residency program has been an incredible experience as it has given me several opportunities to grow as an educator. I am grateful to have worked with such a skilled and experienced cooperating teacher who has taught me so much in preparation for my own classroom. In addition to her advice and instruction, she has given me opportunities to build a rapport with students and teach them in a meaningful way. My time in this classroom has contributed to my passion for special education. Julie has modeled the importance of caring for students, advocating for students, and preparing them for life experiences. It has been such a pleasure to work alongside her throughout this year. I am grateful for the learning opportunities that I have been provided with in this program, and I am fortunate to have a mentor in Julie even as I continue my career after this year." - Kayla Cota 

    Josue Cuevas (Resident) Sarah Ryglicki (Mentor)

    "Being a mentor for the residency program has been a fantastic experience. I have had Josue by my side helping me while he learns the job of being a mild/moderate education specialist. I can share my tips and tricks that I have learned over the years with him so his first year won't be overwhelming. What I didn't expect was that I would also get a lot of great ideas from Josue since he brings in a fresh perspective. The job is tough, but it is nice to have someone to share the days' experiences with and reflect on ways to do it better. Josue is a hard worker and it has been a blessing to have him in the classroom with me. For example, while I am working one on one with a student, he can monitor the rest of the class to make sure they are all on task. Throughout the year, Josue has taken on more and more responsibilities and has proven himself to be more than capable of doing the job well. I can only hope that one day he has the opportunity to mentor someone so open to learning as he is." - Sarah Ryglicki