Medical Assisting Pathway

  • Pathway Sequence:

     Medical Assisting Pathway

     Course Descriptions:

    Medical Assistant 1:  The main purpose of this course is to train and equip students to be career and college ready. Upon completion of this course, students will be prepared for successful employment as a medical assistant in a back office setting or other related position through the medical office internship that students complete. Students also continue to aim for higher education towards Pre-Med, Physician Assistant, or any other medical career interest. Students will be exposed to both employment skills and critical thinking skills to develop the ability to adapt to the rapidly changing technological and social components of the workplace. Students will learn skills related to the patient intake process through the patients' check out, especially the clinical elements that are involved. Example skills learned are therapeutic communication, ethics, administrative procedures and medical billing and coding. Students participate in job shadowing at local clinics. This course is UC “g” (college preparatory elective) approved. 

     Medical Assistant 2: Students continue to be learn and be trained in skills like hands-on operation of Electronic Health Record,  body systems, their structure and function, clinical procedures, medication administration, diagnostic procedures  and are prepared for the National Medical Assisting Certification through NHA (National Healthcareer Associations). Students participate in job shadowing at local clinics. This course is UC “g” (college preparatory elective) approved. Certifications offered for qualified students: First Aid, CPR, Bloodborne Pathogens, HIPAA, National Healthcareer Association. (Prerequisite: Medical Assistant 1) 

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