Graphic Design Pathway

  • Course Descriptions:

    Art in the Digital Age: This course is UC “F” (visual and performing arts) approved. The course complies with one of the following graduation requirements: vocational education or elective or visual performing arts Credits: 10. This course starts by exploring the invention of photography starting with the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe PhotoShop CC. As the next step, the course continues to explore how these advancements changed history, culture, the arts and communication. Students will learn how to become a Professional Photographer from both visual interpretation of images and on all manual settings on DSLR cameras. Visual interpretation along with critical thinking is implemented in cross-curricular projects. The role of contemporary technology in the global market will be connected to commercial applications, trends in contemporary art as a result of technological advancements, and the role of the artist in today’s society. The projects produced will have practical connections to real world relationships in the technological and commercial art fields allowing the students to see clear attainable pathways to career and/or college success. Students will learn about stop-motion animation video with a mixture of Photography and Video Editing. Students will also mix their own soundtracks using Adobe Audition and Apple Logic Pro X. 

    Graphic Design: This course is UC “F” (visual and performing arts) approved and meets one of the following graduation requirements: vocational education or elective or VAPA. (Prerequisite: Art in the Digital Age) Credits: 10. Students learn computerized special effects, make professional posters, publish a newsletter, create exciting computerized presentations, and make their own advertising video. Students will also learn computer graphic design, animation, and make a digital portfolio in the form of a published website.