Business Management Pathway

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    Business Management Pathway

     Course Descriptions:

    Business Technology 1/2: Students will be able to understand communications as applied to personal and professional situations - they will demonstrate competency by selecting and using appropriate forms of communications in a variety of situations. Students will be introduced to word processing, spreadsheets, database, desktop publishing, presentation software, and graphics. Additionally, touch typing using the QWERTY keyboard system is reinforced. Importance will also be placed upon maintaining organization of assignments and management of electronic files. Students will understand professional and ethical behavior consistent with regulations and organizational norms. This course is UC “g” (college preparatory elective) approved.

    Computer Business Applications: Develops word processing, database skills with computer application programs. Teaches format and develops skills using Microsoft Office Suite, Introduces STEM, HTML programming, and computer Literacy. Open to students who have completed one year of Business Technology 1-2. An important class for college-bound or career directed students. This course is UC “g” (college preparatory elective) approved. (Prerequisite:  Business Technology 1/2)

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