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Ornamental Horticulture (Floral Design) Pathway

  • Pathway Sequence:

    Ornamental Horticulture (Floral Design) Pathway

     Course Descriptions:

    Art History of Floral Design 1/2:  Provides introduction to artistic and creative perception including aesthetic valuing through a series of projects in various media including tempera, pencil, flower, tile and a variety of papers.  Students are also introduced to the elements and principles of visual art design such as line, shape/form, color, balance, and emphasis using a series of floral-based projects to explore the connections, relations, and application to visual arts design. This course is UC “f” (visual and performing arts) approved.

    Agriculture Business Floral Design: Teaches students how to make corsages and floral arrangements, including bridal bouquets and other specialty items.  Growth and maintenance of ornamental CTEs under greenhouse conditions will also be introduced. This course is UC “f” (visual and performing arts) approved.  (Prerequisite: Art History of Floral Design)

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