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Environmental Horticulture Pathway

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    Environmental Horticulture Pathway

     Course Descriptions:

    Environmental Horticulture 1/2:  This is a year course open to all students. Emphasis is placed on introductory studies in the horticulture industry, plant growth and development, equipment and uses, soils and plant nutrition, propagation methods, garden preparation, and methods of special ornamental and garden plant production. Students receive practical skills training through laboratory and class cooperative activities conducted in the greenhouse facilities.

    Hydrology, Landscape and Sustainable Environmental Design:  The class will serve as the capstone course in the environmental horticultural pathway. The course has been UC/CSU-approved as a lab science and will cover all aspects of an environmentally sound landscape design. Students will develop an awareness of current environmental issues and determine how best to approach various issues, depending on regions and territories. Other instructional objectives include the history of landscape architecture, technical drafting, and computer design. The course will incorporate California state standards for literacy, Next Generation Science Standards, and model career technical education standards. This course is UC “f” (visual and performing arts) approved.(Prerequisite: Environmental Horticulture)

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