Physical Therapy Pathway

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    PPhysical Therapy Pathway

     Course Descriptions:

    Health Occupations:  Prepares students for employment opportunities in the areas of diagnostic, supportive and therapeutic health services.  Students will learn communication skills, ethics, legalities, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, vital signs, nutrition, body mechanics, patient observation, environmental and patient safety, and weights and measures. Students participate in job shadowing at local hospitals. This course is UC “g” (college preparatory elective) approved. 

    Physical Therapy Aide:  Prepares students in the necessary skills for assisting patients with their physical therapy program. Students will learn about anatomy and physiology, body positioning, body mechanics, vital signs, reporting, charting, communication skills, patient interaction skills, and how to apply minor physical therapy exercise in order to assist in rehabilitation of the patient. Employment opportunities may be found in hospitals, clinics, chiropractic offices, and convalescent care agencies. Students are offered the opportunity to job shadow at local rehabilitation centers. This course is UC “g” (college preparatory elective) approved. Certifications offered for qualified students: First Aid, CPR, iCEV communication. (Prerequisite: Health Occupations) 

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