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     Sustainable Agriculture Pathway

     Course Descriptions:

    Biology and Sustainable Agriculture:  Agricultural Biology is a one-year, laboratory science course, designed for the college-bound student with career interests in agriculture. The course has an extensive laboratory component in order to connect the big ideas of life science with agricultural applications, earth and physical science principles, and other curricular areas, including written and oral reporting skills. FFA and SAEP are integral parts of the curriculum. This course is UC “d” (laboratory science) approved. 

    Chemistry and Agriscience: This lab-based course is aligned to the California Content Standards for Chemistry and will include an agricultural component. This course studies the composition and behavior of matter. Atomic and molecular structure; conservation of matter and stoichiometry; chemicals and their properties; and nuclear processes are studied. Classroom demonstrations and laboratory activities are an integral part of this course. A grade of “C” or better in Algebra 1-2 recommended, or the approval of the instruction. FFA and SAEP are integral parts of the curriculum. This course is UC “d” (laboratory science) approved. (Prerequisite: Biology and Sustainable Agriculture) 

    Advanced Interdisciplinary Science for Sustainable Agriculture: This integrated class combines an interdisciplinary approach to laboratory science and research with agricultural management principles. Using skills and principles learned in the course, including the chemical and biological principles that govern plant science and cCTE production, students design systems and experiments to solve agricultural management issues currently facing the industry. Additionally, students connect the products created in this class with industry activities to link real world encounters and implement skills demanded by both colleges and careers. The course culminates with an agriscience experimental research project in which students design and conduct an experiment to solve a relevant agricultural issue. This course is UC “d” (laboratory science) approved. (Prerequisite: Chemistry and Agriscience)

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