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    Introduction to Computer Science: Introduction to Computer Science emphasizes the teaching of logic and design and developing an understanding of basic programming. Students will learn about writing programs to perform simple tasks, learn basic animation and application development, and will cover such topics as JAVA, HTML and the use of graphical interfaces. There are no prerequisites for this course and no coding or programming experience is required. Embedded throughout the course are explorations into computer-using careers and ethical and social issues related to computers in the world today. This course is UC “g” (college preparatory elective) approved.  Credits: 10

    Computer Science 2: This course is the second of two consecutive courses in the pathway. It is designed for students who have passed the Introduction to Computer Science course as it continues to build their high quality computer science technical expertise. Students will design, implement and analyze solutions to problems through the development and use of algorithms, data structures and object-oriented programming. Students will be able to write, run, test and debug solutions in the Java programming language, utilizing standard java library classes and interfaces from the AP Java subset. Also, students will be able to read and understand programs consisting of several classes and interacting objects and understand a description of the design and development process leading to such a program. Students will also learn about Computer Science careers and explore opportunities in the Computer Science industry. This course is UC “G” (college preparatory elective) approved. (Prerequisite: Introduction to Computer Science) Credits: 10


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