Tier 2 Supports



    Behavioral Interventions


    Check-In Check-Out (Targeted Intervention)

    Check In - Check Out is a Tier 2 intervention for students who need more positive adult attention and structured feedback to be successful in school.  Students who are displaying frequent minor behavioral violations across numerous settings are often successful using this program.  It is very important that this is a POSITIVE experience for the student to give them an opportunity to improve their behavior.

    Critical features of Check in - Check Out

    • Increased positive adult contact
    • Embedded social skills training
    • Direct link to school-wide behavioral goals and expectations
    • Frequent feedback
    • Daily home-school communication
    • Positive reinforcement contingent on meeting behavioral goals

    *If you have any questions about the program please contact Mr. Murillo


    Bronco Connection/ Check and Connect (Targeted Intervention)

    The purpose of Bronco Connection is to provide social-emotional support and mentorship, with a teacher on campus that will lead to academic success.  The intervention encourages students to use problem solving strategies, complete schoolwork, and participate in school activities. Students meet with their mentor once a week and discuss academic progress, attendance, and social-emotional support.

    *If you have any questions about the program please contact Mr. Murillo



    Other Tier 2 Services at WMS

     * Talk to your students counselor