Tier 1 Supports

  • Tier 1 is our school wide intervention support. Within our Tier 1 committe we have: principal, assistant principal, teachers, parent, student, counselors, support staff, and community stakeholder. Our goal is to reach every student and provide them the lessons and skills to meet school behavior expecations: Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful. At this level we can effectively teach appropriate behavior to all children. At the Tier 1 level we use data-based decision-making to best provide services and needs to our school climate.


    2019-2020 P.B.I.S. School Lessons 

     PBIS Lesson #1 (8-7-2019) Agenda Scavenger Hunt

    PBIS Lesson #2 (8-8-2019) Responsibility Uniforms

    PBIS Lesson #3 (8-9-2019) Respectful Cell Phones

    PBIS Lesson #4 (8-12-2019) Safety at WMS

    PBIS Lesson #5 (8-13-2019)  Responsibility Campus Cleanliness

    PBIS Lesson #6 (8-14-2019) Outdoor Safety

     PBIS Lesson #7 (8-15-2019) School-wide Incentives

    PBIS Lesson #8 (8-16-2019) Overview of the WMS Intervention Period



    P.B.I.S. Booster Lessons 

     PBIS Booster Lesson #1 (8-27-2019) Lunch Time Activity For September