Parent Comments

  • "We’ve had Teacher Rachel for both our daughter (3 yrs. ago) and our son this year (and our 3rd child will have her in 2 years)-she is the best preschool teacher you could ask for! She understands this age group so incredibly well! She knows how they think, how they learn, how they play, how they feel, how they interact and how they are all different but special in their own ways. She impresses me every day with how she interacts with the kids and handles challenging situations! We are truly blessed to have Teacher Rachel as the teacher for our children at such an important and influential time in their lives! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

    "We really appreciated the “full body listening” and the level of respect from teacher to child and from child to child."

    "It was good for my child because it gave ground work for actual public school."

    "This Pre-K program really helped my child prepare for kindergarten academically and socially while she was having lots of fun! 

    "I would love it if my child and all the kids in the class had the opportunity to continue this education and grow up together. All of the families are great and the kids are wonderful." 

    "This program has helped provide me with the handbook that is missing when you have kids. It has changed the way I parent for the better."

    "I’m always comfortable with asking for advice when I have a parenting challenge. Very helpful."

    "My heart glows with happiness when I have my baby girl say she wishes she could go to school every day because she loves it so much! Teacher Rachel you are the BEST! Thank you for all your time, love, and patience with our children. I wish I could have you be their teacher for always."

    "The best thing is the ratio of kids to parents/teachers. It helps compare to 30 to 1."

    "I loved to see my daughter grow and flourish during school. I enjoyed having the teacher available for questions. She is very knowledgeable. I am grateful for all the support we received from Teacher Rachel."

    "You get to watch your child grow into this new person and you get to bond with all these wonderful families. I’m going to dread leaving this school. We love the Parent Center!"

    "Becoming parents at a young age we have learned so much from this program."

    "It’s been a great experience. We have been with this school for the past 7.5 years. This class has been the best."