• Mission Statement

    RSJHS’s mission is to establish a thriving learning community where compassion, courage, and perseverance are valued and practiced by all.

    Collective Commitments

    • We will value the learning of skills as equal to our content.
    • We will believe that each individual brings a gift to our community.
    • We will ensure that there is time for students to reflect on their own learning and its relevance to their lives.
    • We will encourage students and teachers to explore different approaches to learning with an eye on outcome instead of just process.
    • We will be compassionate and understand that each student has a different background and support system.

  • Vision Statement

    Rancho San Juan High School, a compassionate, collaborative community that provides an innovative and authentic learning experience for all students, empowering them to blaze their own path to post-secondary success and life-long learning.