• A welcome addition to the I.T. Department

    The SUHSD IT Department is proud to support students and staff by providing excellent technical support, robust infrastructure, and a high speed network. The SUHSD IT Department strives to maintain a learning environment within the district  that provides students with the necessary tools to achieve at the highest levels.

     WiFi District Network & Wireless Service
    The Salinas Union High School District's enterprise network has undergone numerous changes and upgrades, as a result of e-Rate and district funding, providing sites fast and reliable networking technology.  Our switching network is composed of Cisco and Meraki equipment, and our intranet bandwidth to all schools and offices is 10 Gigabytes across the network.  Our network currently provides access to a myriad of 30,000+ devices daily via 1,000 WiFi Access Points, including computers, laptops, Chromebooks, mobile phones, and IoT devices.  The needs of the curriculum and instruction drives our network upgrades, and we are planning for future growth in both web based and digital content with the future refresh of our switching and WiFi networks.   Our network, staff, students, and teachers are supported by a dedicated team of I.T., Data, and EdTech professionals of this department.   At the core of our department’s mission is that learning resources are available anywhere and anytime.

    he Salinas Union High School District uses the Synergy Student Information System (SIS) with the commencement of the 2018-2019 school year. It provides our teachers, administrators, parents, and students controlled access to student information via a Web browser interface and mobile app access.

    Mobile 1:1 Devices Districtwide
    We are currently in our 5th year of the 1:1 device initiative.  All students get 24/7 access to a Chromebook during the school year and access to Google's G Suite for Education at all grade levels.

    Working in conjunction with district stakeholders, the Information Technology Department assists in providing leadership in the implementation and administration to support instructional services across the district including education computing systems, technical support services, software/hardware acquisition, and system design/installation. Additionally, we provide support for data collection of projects and staff professional development.

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)offers users a virtualized version of a Windows 10 desktop interface.  All Students, Staff, and Teachers can now access a virtural desktop infastruture and filtered Internet from most computers and Chromebooks on the district's network. The use of the privately owned devices is at the discretion of the Superintendent and building administration.  



    SUHSD HelpDesk

    Mr. Allen
    Director of IT

    Mr. Cornejo
    IT Systems Technician   

    Mr. Junsay
    IT Computer Systems Technician   

    Mr. Monahan 
    IT Support Technician  

    Mr. Caldwell 
    IT Support Technician  

    Mr. Potillo 
    IT Support Technician

    Mr. Marquez
    Computer Operator Support Technician   

    Mrs. Perez 
    Student Information Systems Specialist   

    Mr. Martinez 
    Database Specialist /SIS 

    Mrs. Verduzco 
    IT Application Specialist