Learning Cycle Overview

  • Credits for each student will be based upon the learning cycle system. For each class that a student successfully completes with a “C” or better, they can earn 0-3 credits. These learning cycles are aligned with the progress reporting and quarter report periods as defined by the District.

    Teachers maintain grades for each student in the eSchoolsPlus information system. There are four learning cycles in each semester. Grades are calculated at the end of each learning cycle and recorded in eSchoolsPlus. Each student is given a fresh start at the beginning of the new learning period. The letter grades of “A, B, C or D” for each grade term are averaged at the end of the semester to become the final semester grade. The credits earned for each learning cycle are determined by the teacher, but are not to exceed the maximum. Some students will be enrolled in the Mount Toro Contract Academy (MTCA) credit recovery class offered during 6th period.

    The purpose of offering a “fresh start” to each student at the beginning of each learning cycle is to provide incentive and motivation for students. A Student who may do well in a particular learning cycle will be less likely to give up later in the semester. When students know they have a new beginning in the next cycle, they will be more likely to put more effort into their work. They will know that a passing grade and credits earned are still possible even during the final cycle of the year.