• About Our School

    Our alternative school of choice petition was the result of a collaborative effort among various parents, teachers, and community members in Salinas.

    The purpose was to create a school that promotes academic success with a mastery of the "basics" in an environment conducive to meaningful intellectual stimulation via independent studies. Our learning program is built on the belief that all children CAN and innately desire to learn— including those students without a history of academic success.

    We believe that all children do not learn in the same way and children are gifted in various ways, and those gifts need to be encouraged. Reading assessment and targeted instruction are hallmarks of this school, raising the confidence level and academic output of traditionally labeled "low achievers," while challenging the gifted learner to further explore areas of interest. We believe that real learning takes place when active participants make personal connections to the skills and knowledge imparted in the classroom.

    Having created El Puente School under this model, we know that our program is a vital and integral part of our community. Our goal is to be a model school, offering successful educational opportunities innovations to the students and parents that we serve. We seek to make education a community commitment.


    Salinas Union High School District students should see their home school counselor to request a transfer to El Puente School. Parents and students will be asked to attend an orientation and students will take placement tests.

    Students from other Districts in Monterey County or adjacent counties should call the office for an appointment with our counselor first to determine if the school is the appropriate setting for the student. Students who are eligible to enroll may then complete the exit process at their current school, including filing an out-of-district transfer with their home district. Once formally accepted in Salinas Union High School District, parents and students will be asked to attend an orientation.

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