Safety Nest / Wellness Center

  • Our Vision

    The Eagle’s Nest: building a healthy community one relationship at a time.

    El Eagle’s Nest: construyendo una comunidad saludable, una relación a la vez.


    Our Mission

    The Eagle’s Nest Will:

    Provide social/emotional and academic supports to all students so they can grow into healthy and productive adults.

    Brindar apoyo social / emocional y académico a todos los estudiantes para que puedan convertirse en adultos sanos y productivos.


    Afford all students the opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow while providing additional supports as needed.

    Brinde a todos los estudiantes la oportunidad de reflexionar, aprender y crecer al tiempo que brinda apoyo adicional según sea necesario.


    Have an open door policy that demonstrates that all students and staff are valued members of our community and society.

    Tenga una política de puertas abiertas que demuestre que todos los estudiantes y el personal son miembros valiosos de nuestra comunidad y sociedad.


    Provide support and professional development to staff so they can continue to build positive and healthy relationships with students and other staff.

    Brindar apoyo y desarrollo profesional al personal para que puedan continuar construyendo relaciones positivas y saludables con los estudiantes y otro personal.



    If you have a concern about your student’s academic, social, or emotional health and behaviors, please call one of our staff or email




    Have you seen the Behavior Flow Chart?

    The EAHS behavioral flowchart outlines the basic consequences of a student's failure to behave in a way that is safe, responsible, or respectful (i.e. any violation of a school rule). The flowchart is used by staff to implement progressive discipline and encourage behavior redirection for "minor" discipline issues. If student or parent/guardian has any questions about school discipline or this flowchart, please contact Assistant Principal Jessica Rodgers.

    Click Here to View the Flow Chart 





    Laura Suarez (Bilingual)

    Nest Clerk

    831-796-7800 x2479



    Mario Delgado (Bilingual)

    Intervention Specialist

    831-796-7800 x2503


    Danny Lee

    Intervention Specialist

    831-796-7800 x2477


    Andrea Blanton (Bilingual)

    School Social Worker

    831-796-7800 x2420


    Adriana Morales (Bilingual)

    CHS Counselor

    831-796-7800 x2332


    Jessica Rodgers


    831-796-7800 x2309


    Maricela Lopez (Bilingual)

    Secretary to Ms Rodgers

    831-796-7800 x2310


    Esmeralda Saavedra

    MCBH Therapist

    831-796-7800 x2501