• School Parent and Family Engagement Policy 


    El Sausal's Parent and Family Engagement Policy seeks to provide tools to enhance the parental role in children's learning both at home and at school. The school strives to design programs that build on the strength of its population, seeking opportunities to invite parent and community participation in school activities, and creating partnerships between those involved in student's success. These partnerships create relationships that contribute to student achievement and that respond to the unique needs of middle school students and their families. 

    The partnership between home and school is supported by:

    Parent/Student/School Compact

    This compact is a written document to be signed annually by the parent, student and school administrator. 

    Parents as Advocates , Advisors, Decision Makers

    -School Site Council

    - ELAC (English Learner Advisory Committee) 
    -DELAC (District English Learner Advisory Committee)

    -Title 1

    -8th Grade Promotion Parent Committee 
    -El Sausal's parents are referred to district-wide committees.


    School-Home Communication

    - Automated dialer, Talking Points, personal phone calls, daily bulletin, flyers, the school marquee, local newsletter, the Student Handbook, and the school website
    - Parent/teacher conference with translation services
    - Progress reports and report cards are mailed home at each grading period. 
    - Home visits related to student/family needs are made by the Community Liaison and/or the Attendance Specialist.
    - Other forms of school-home communication are the homework calendar or agenda and weekly progress reports. 

    -Parent Vue - Parents have access to their child's attendance, assignments, grades, class schedule and can communicate with teachers through email.

    -ESMS School Website

    El Sausal has an "Open Door" policy, which allows parents to visit and observe students on campus and in classes upon request.

    Community Involvement

    -Parents are the first to be invited as presenters into the classrooms at an annual Career Day.
    -Weekly school-wide parent meeting by Community Liaison 
    -Monthly Migrant Meetings

    Meetings are held throughout the school year to assist families with communications skills, healthy home environment,  attendance, resources and academic achievement. 

    -Morning Weekly Parent Meetings

    -Monthly Parent/Family Workshops 

    -Annual Open House and Back-to-School Night
    -Monthly Parent Academies
    -Monthly Migrant/Bilingual meetings 
    -Parent/Teacher Conference
    -Individual orientation meeting for all new parents/students by the Community Liaison 

    Orientation Meetings for incoming 7th grade families.

    The School Community Liaison and EL (English Learner) Specialist are specialized staff that act as resources for parents, students, principals, and teachers. 

    Community Liaison
    Melissa GonzalezAndrade
    831-796-7200 ext. 8102

    English Learner Specialist
    831-796-7200 ext. 8029


    SSC Committee
    ELAC Committee                                                                          
    Migrant Meeting
    Title 1 Committee                                                                                                                                                                                      
    7th Grade Day

    Career Day

    8th Grade Day
    8th Grade Promotion Celebration                                                                  
    Weekly Informational Meetings                                                                        
    Parent Vue Workshops
    Annual CABE Conference
    Strengthening Families Workshops
    Families in Control Workshops
    Prevention Support Group